SACSongwritingChallange week #6!

Hey guys! just finished week 6 of the SACSongwritingchallange the holiday song i decided to enter is an original of mine
“Under The MistleToe” hope you guys like it!


SACSongwritingChallange week 4!

Hey guys this was a really fun week while busy managed to get the songs done haha 😛 i hope y’all like them ! the two I’ve linked are ” Just couldn’t get enough” and “Last goodbye” Two originals of mine:) both written and composed by me Joshua David Peidl!

SAC songwriting challenge week #2 complete!

Hey guys so i have now finished week #2 of the SAC songwriting challenge. It was a little difficult writing songs for the challenge this week being i was already so busy with other music related things happening outside of the internet haha but i managed to do it! I have uploaded recently two new originals for this challenge the songs being “I Do” and ” You and Me”. I hope you  guys all like it!